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Principal's Message

Dear LEAP families and the EASTCONN community,

I am proud to welcome you to the LEAP School! We have now been in session for eight weeks and have accomplished a great deal. We have hired a stellar staff of talented and dedicated educators and professionals, enrolled our first twelve founding students, and are working hard to deliver on the audacious mission of the school: to empower our students to become agents of change in their own lives and in their communities through a competency-based, personalized approach to education. No easy task!

This past August marked the 50th anniversary of the moon landing made famous by astronaut Neil Armstrong’s words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” While opening a new school isn’t quite as dramatic as landing on the moon, it has required a significant leap of faith - for the students and families, for EASTCONN, and for the LEAP staff. Together, we are creating something that has not been accomplished before in our region - a high school program based on a personalized, competency-based approach to earning a high school diploma.

Thanks to the resourceful and generous support of EASTCONN and several community partners, we have created a professional learning environment that is supporting our students to achieve their goals to be college and career ready. Our students have the tools they need and the guidance of some very talented educators to help them on their personal journeys to defy expectations, to earn their diplomas, and to become agents of change in their own lives and beyond.

We invite you to join us on this journey - whether you are interested in our program for a student you know or would like to learn more about our competency-based approach to teaching and learning - all are welcome! The LEAP School was designed by EASTCONN to serve the community.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing more with you about our unique and innovative program. 


David Howes

About David Howes

I joined the EASTCONN community this July to become the founding Principal of LEAP. Before coming to LEAP, I was the Principal and Executive Director of the Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication (ISAAC), a charter school in New London. I was also a founding teacher at ISAAC, where I taught for twelve years.

I was drawn to LEAP for the challenges and opportunities associated with leading the effort to create a new school. I love leading the work to think about teaching and learning in new and innovative ways that better meet the needs of diverse learners.

I live in New London with my wife Tami, our two children Gwyneth and Benjamin, and our four pets - a dog, two cats, and a bearded dragon! In my free time, I love to coach and I love boating.

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Mobile: 860-455-3997